1. Originally posted on Sad Stuff on the Street.

    American Hustle called. They want their shoes back. No, really, these belong to the wardrobe department.

    Found by ontheroadtrip in San Francisco, California.

    We have it on good authority that these shoes were on Grove, near Baker. Photo by KT Drasky.

  2. Our friend King Kobbler is out tonight, on the corner of Divis and Hayes, selling peach cobbler until the supply runs out. Don’t just stop and ask to take his photo. Buy some cobbler first, y’all. Then follow him on Twitter @kingkobbler.

    You can read more about this local legend at SF Gate. The King would also like to make sure you see the video they made of him. You can watch that here.

    Photo by KT Drasky.

  3. Fell. Says it all.

    Photo by gringo99.

  4. In front of Ebenezer Baptist, 275 Divisadero.

    Photo by KTDrasky.

  5. We often admire this when we’re at the Farmer’s Market, but forget to come home and Google the correct name of the artist it has been inspired by. Thanks @illusion!


    Mondrian on Grove St. on Flickr.

  6. webuiltthiscity:

    Divisadero at McAllister

  7. Entertainment center. Old, but new in the box, $40.

    Outside Your Scents, 645 Divisadero.

    Photo by KTDrasky.

  8. Girls. (Outside the Bean Bag Cafe, across the street from the Independent.)

    Photo by KTDrasky.

  9. branthebarber:

    Late-Night Cuts #westsidecutsandstyles #barbershop #divisadero #freshcut #cleancut #fresh #dope #clean #haircut #curlytop #taper #fade #cream #blueandcream #36chambers #wutang #barberlife #kidscut #kids #children #sharpline

  10. ontheroadtrip:

    Very sad to see. The Other Shop (327 Divisadero) suffered severe fire damage on December 21. Some of the vendors have found other places to sell their wares for the time being. We wish those who owned, operated and dealt vintage at The Other Shop well … and maybe, someday, they will be back in business (?).

    See more here: "Saying Goodbye to The Other Shop".